VK Dynamic If Block

Mainly in the creation and customization of themes, it was common to switch display elements for each page using PHP’s If syntax in classic themes. However, block themes consisting of HTML files cannot use PHP functions such as is_front_page() and is_single().

As a result, for example, even if only the sidebar is different, multiple templates are required, and when making corrections, it is necessary to adjust the number of templates.

However, this VK Dynamic If Block can easily realize conditional branching like PHP’s If syntax with no code.

Display condition specification example

  • Display only on the home page ( is_front_page() )
  • Displayed only on pages ( is_page() )
  • Display only on pages with the specified post type
  • Displayed only on individual pages of the specified post type ( is_single() )


Is there any compatibility or compatibility with other developer’s WordPress themes?

There are no design elements, so basically any theme works without problems.

Can I use multiple conditions?

You cannot specify too many conditions.
However, by nesting Dynamic If Blocks, various conditional branching can be handled.


VK Dynamic If Block is a registered plugin on WordPress.org. You can install it from your WordPress dashboard.