Look Back WordCamp Asia 2024

Hi, everyone. This is Ishikawa. By the way, I attended WordCamp Asia 2024 in Taipei, Taiwan, from March 6th to 9th, 2024.

At the final raffle, I won an iPad Pro, earning the nickname ‘Mr. iPad Pro.’ Now, I’d like to reflect on this year’s WordCamp Asia.

This time, the participants from Vektor,Inc. included myself, Chiaki-san, and Tori-san, who joined as an official photo volunteer.

What is WordCamp Asia?

WordCamp conferences are held around the world by the WordPress user community.

In Japan, WordCamp Tokyo was held in 2023, and WordCamp Kansai in February 2024.

WordCamp Asia is one of the flagship WordCamps, which are larger in scale than the standard city-based WordCamps.

In addition, there are WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe.

The result was not good.

Not good.

What was not good was me.

In 2023, I was a speaker and also had the opportunity to participate in mgn’s sponsor booth. We prepared extensively and faced many challenges. Throughout the event, we had a lot of tasks to handle, which created a significant sense of tension.

Because I was a speaker, I received a lot of feedback from other participants.

For a detailed reflection on 2023, I had so much I wanted to write that I created a special website. Please check it out for information about last year.

However, this year I was just a participant.

Since I was just a participant, I naturally wasn’t invited to the welcome dinner, which is reserved for speakers, sponsors, and organizers.

Thinking of myself as just a casual participant, I continued studying vocabulary, but I didn’t practice speaking.

So, when I went there, it was no surprise that I couldn’t speak English.

I thought my listening skills had improved, but I couldn’t understand or catch what was said.

Due to my lack of confidence in English, I spoke with Japanese people.

Since I was neither a speaker nor a sponsor, there were few situations where I had to communicate with people from other countries, but I found that to be quite dull.

Unlike someone attending for the first time just to see how things go, given my current position, I shouldn’t have attended without taking on a role as a speaker, sponsor, or organizer.

Spending money to travel abroad, it was truly a missed opportunity not to participate in a more impactful way, such as being a speaker, an organizer, or a volunteer.

Speaking once is more valuable than participating 100 times.

The saying ‘Speaking once is more valuable than participating 100 times’ really holds true. Speaking forces you to prepare extensively and allows you to receive immediate feedback. However, failing to do so means missing out on a significant opportunity.

At this WordCamp Asia, there were only three Japanese speakers: Naoko-san from Automattic, Okamoto-san from Stripe, and Chiaki-san from Vektor, Inc., who participated in a panel discussion.

At domestic WordCamps, I think it’s important for new people to have the chance to speak, and it’s not good for veterans to dominate the stage every time… However, I really wanted to speak at WordCamp Asia.

But, I couldn’t come up with any topics to speak about this time…

Then, upon attending, despite it being WordCamp ‘Asia,’ I noticed that there were few speakers from Asia, including Japanese.

The language barrier is high and it’s difficult for me as well, but let’s all do our best, Asia!

I will definitely apply to be a speaker next year.

I think the reason there were few Asian speakers was not due to the organizers’ selection, but rather because there were few applications from Asia with content suitable for the flagship WordCamp. I believe one of the major reasons was the language barrier, which is why I am writing with the message, “Let’s all do our best, non-English speakers”.

Chiaki-san served as a panelist in a panel discussion.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, there was a panel discussion titled ‘Shaping the Future with WordPress Women.’ In this session, women from the WordPress community shared their journeys and discussed career challenges and issues.

The only saving grace was that Chiaki-san from Vektor, Inc., participated as a panelist in this panel discussion.

Shaping the Future with WordPress Women – WordCamp Asia 2024

Join us this International Women’s Day for a special panel dedicated to uplifting women in the tech industry. Three incredible women in the WordPress community will share their personal journeys, d…

Here is the video!

Wow… Chiaki-san is amazing at speaking English so naturally!

I’m very grateful for the mention of Vektor, Inc.

Chiaki-san is the hope of Vektor, Inc. (´;ω;`)

Thank you for remembering me

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to speak at this year’s WordCamp Asia, it was truly gratifying to be remembered by people from last year’s presentation and to greet individuals I had met at domestic WordCamps. That experience was really special to me.

I think the people in the WordPress community are truly special because, despite not having talked much, they remember me and always greet me with a smile.

Also, at the after-party, I was able to greet several new people and had a great time.

Because of that, I feel it’s such a waste not to be fluent in English, so I’ve decided to work hard on improving my skills.

For those considering attending WordCamp Asia in the future

Don’t worry if you don’t speak English; you can still manage.

My friend @Toro_Unit was wearing a tablet around his neck with the translation app (Felo Translation) installed…

Oh no… He was totally relying on the app.

It was a translation app specialized for conversations, not just something like Google Translate. It seemed incredibly useful.

I’m studying English because translation apps aren’t great for group discussions. However, for one-on-one situations, these apps work just fine. There’s a significant advantage when the other person starts with the understanding that ‘Oh, this person doesn’t speak English,’ making communication smoother.

I think it’s totally fine to rely on translation apps if you don’t speak English.

GoDaddy is a fantastic company

After all, throughout the Contributor Day, the first day, and the second day, I acutely felt the lack of my English skills. Even during the final Q&A session with Matt, I couldn’t grasp the points that made everyone laugh… What a disappointing experience.

In that state, I was listening to things like the sponsor’s greetings, but…

” Hidekazu Ishikawa ! “




Did someone just call me?

What is this? Some kind of raffle?

Speaking of which…

I was handed a piece of paper at the GoDaddy sponsor booth, which directed me to access a QR code and enter my name and email address.

Normally, I avoid filling in such forms, but there was a staff member from GoDaddy present. I thought if I appeared confused, I’d be approached and have to speak in English. Fearing the double challenge of my nonexistent English skills and social anxiety, I just went ahead and filled it out…but…

Was it an entry for a raffle to win an iPad?



Did I win an iPad?

Seriously? ((((;゚Д゚))))

Moreover, this isn’t just a regular iPad. It’s a set that includes an iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil, with a total value of nearly 200,000 JPY. (Astonishing!

What financial power…(=w=;

An iPad Pro is worth more than one presentation!!

Thank you!! GoDaddy Pro!!

Having received such an expensive gift, I think from a sponsor’s perspective, it would be better to see some promotional effect. So, everyone, please do check out GoDaddy Pro!
* Probably, unlike a small company like ours, they don’t even consider such petty things…

This time, WordCamp Asia was excellent too!

To my Japanese friends

I received a lot of support from everyone in the Japanese WordPress community at the local event, not specifically from any individual.

Despite being naturally shy and socially awkward, I was able to enjoy my time overseas thanks to everyone’s kindness. Thank you all very much again for this time!

Next year, it’s in the Philippines

Next year’s event is already scheduled to be held in Manila, Philippines. I’m looking forward to it from now on.

The official website is currently recruiting volunteers for the organizing team.

It can be quite challenging, but it’s extremely rewarding, and you’ll have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world, so I highly recommend it!


March 6th

March 7th Condributer day

March 8th Day1

March 9th Day2

March 10th Sightseeing